3 Reasons Why You Don’t Have to Pay For a Psychic Reading on the Net

Many people think that Clairvoyants and Psychics are the only people that can get a reading about your life and future. But there exist many Christians with a spiritual gift that can tell you all about your life right now and the life of your future. Knowing that they exist in the world is half way there, here are three reasons why they can be better than what you are doing now. Request Personal prophetic word

Reason 1 There are alternatives to Psychics

Whilst the general public do not know it by in large as the Christian world does not seem to advertise the fact, but people exit in churches all around the world that can minister to you just as well as a psychic.

The gifts that certain Pentecostal Christians have are three fold.

The gift of Word Of Knowledge

Word of Knowledge is the ability to know something about a person’s life in the present or past without that person telling you. It is a supernatural ability and it comes from God, knowledge that God has about a person.. Jesus demonstrated this gift in the Gospels when he met the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s well and told her that He knew she had been with five husbands in her life.

Now a psychic and Clairvoyant can operate in this kind of gift by using spiritual contacts also. In fact the more accurate with this gift that they are, the more people want to listen to them.

. Word of Wisdom

A word of wisdom is a directional word off God through a Prophet or a person gifted in prophecy. This is a decision or course of action that God wants you to take in your life. God who is all-knowing of you and your future knows how to direct you in the right steps in life, however many people cannot hear Him in the time of making vital decisions in life.

A word of wisdom spoken by a prophet or a person gifted in prophecy, is the RIGHT course of action for the place you find yourself in. Pastoral counseling can be very good advice, but a word of wisdom is the RIGHT and PERFECT way to go.

Many times in the Old Testament in the Bible a Jewish King would consult a prophet when it came to many decisions. There are many recordings of how a prophet advised the King how to fight a battle they were facing. Each and every time the King followed the prophet’s directions the Jewish Army saw victory in battle.

A psychic may or may not be able to give you God’s direct orders for decisions to make in life.


Prophecy can be about the future and much of it is. But put simply prophecy is just the words of God. Typically words of prophecy are the words that fill in the gaps between a word of wisdom and words of knowledge. A good personal prophecy should have words of knowledge and prophecy in them. And many prophecies have the whole three gifts in them including word of wisdom.

Prophecy is wonderful and with the other two gifts it can really bless your life.

Reason 2 You can get a free prophecy and have a profitable relationship with a prophet

There are websites online where you can request a free personal prophecy. All you need do is search on Google and you can find them. Some of them are not ranked number 1 in the world but you will find them in a few pages.

There are quite a few that charge, watch out for them and find the ones that are free. Ask the people if it is all right to write back once in a while and get more prophecies from time to time.

If you find a good prophet online, it is good to form a friendship with them that can be a lasting relationship. This means the prophet can guide you from time to time and you can email them and get to know them outside of just the prophecies that you get from them.

People who minister for free like to know people and make friends. Too often, people simply write in get a free personal prophecy and don’t write back. It makes better sense to write back to the prophet and have a friendship that is ongoing and that will bless both of you for many years.

When you consider that you are not paying on a prophecy by prophecy basis and you are really being blessed and helped, from time to time you might want to send them a gift. Of course this is not needed but would be appreciated I am sure.

In four years online I have made some great friends and most of them I taught to prophesy and they gave me free prophecies back.

Reason 3 If you can get the same help for free and it is a good and better than you have had before, you may never have to pay again for direction in life

When most people who have been paying for services find a service for free who won’t hassle them for money they are really blessed.

When a person can have a personal prophecy that really speaks to them and a personal prophet that is willing to be friends, a joy can fill their heart so much that they would never go back to the other world again.