Jewelry Maintenance Method

Jewelryhas a mysterious attraction for women, well-maintained jewels can shine for a long time and better express the beauty of women.
Some people know amber better, knowing that amber is naturally prone to cracking, especially some old amber on the market with unique ice cracks will be concerned by collectors.However, this is also limited to natural amber with ice cracks. Cracks generated by improper maintenance are very aesthetically impaired.
When maintaining amber, the most important thing is to avoid high temperatures. Amber has a relatively low hardness and a low melting point. It will soften when exposed to more than 100 degrees of high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid high temperature sealing during storage, otherwise long cracks will occur.
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There is a big misunderstanding in the maintenance of pearls. Everyone thinks that pearls come from the water, it is good to wash them with water when it is dirty. It is a big mistake! In fact, pearls can’t be approached to water!There are many tiny pores on the surface of the pearl. It is difficult to evaporate water into the pores of the pearl, which will eventually lead to discoloration of the pearl.To put it simply, many things in the house are moldy in wet places, so do pearls. Once the pearl is moldy, it will naturally lose its luster. This is why many pearls become yellow for wearing a long time.