Mediterranean Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal Mediterranean restaurant you the taste of cuisines which have wonderfully evolved over time. It also shares a common principal among different regions. Few of these specialties include cheese, olive oil, meats, grilled fish and fresh produce. Montreal Mediterranean cuisines are especially characterized by its variety, ingredients and flexibility. You will find Mediterranean cuisines with several regional variations, including Southern Italy, Greece and others.

Mediterranean restaurants in Montreal offer a fine blend of uniqueness and quality service to meet your taste buds. Two most popular choices of Montreal Mediterranean restaurants are given below:

1. Ella-Grill

Ella-grill has been selected by Guide Debeur, Quebec as one of the finest Greco-Mediterranean restaurants in the city of Montreal. For people who are not familiar with ‘Greco-Mediterranean’ dining can go straight into the restaurant and enjoy a great feeling of dining by the sea while gorging on some of the freshest every day catch.Ella-grill offers you a chic and soothing appeal which makes it one of the best Montreal Mediterranean restaurants. Designed in all white, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere enjoying the chilled up martini cocktails which will certainly knock your socks off. The superb market fresh cuisines you get in this restaurant are usually hand-picked and even cooked to great perfection.

A wonderful choice of appetizers awaits here including everything starting from the traditional Greek salads, marinated octopus, tzaziki, grilled oyster mushrooms, fried eggplant chips and zucchini. The full sizzle grill with jumbo shrimp, juicy lamb chops and selected fresh fish recipes are all wonderfully served to satisfy your appetite. Ella is even known for serving large groups quite comfortably. And this is the reason why this quaint spot is so much popular and usually found to be booked for special occasions like themed events and private parties. When you are looking for exceptional food and fun, then yes Ella-grill will be the best place to be.

2. La Goelette Plus

Established in the year 1980, this beautiful restaurant is situated in Montreal most popular spot- St-Laurent Boulevard. Today, La Goelette is counted among some of the best known Montreal Mediterranean restaurants. The main idea behind this restaurant was to serve people the best fresh fish and sea food delicacies. Since its inception, a number of menus have been expanded but the same taste and feel still exists. At La Goelette Plus, you will get the best of milk fed lamb, Black Angus Beef and a host of other Greek specialties. There are a fine variety of other wonderful items which will surely satisfy the most distinguished pallets

The well-balanced wine list also offers great pricing and selection. Whether you choose La Goelette for an outing or for an elegant evening with friends and family, you can be sure to get impressed when you set foot in this restaurant. The warm decor, creative dishes served by professional and friendly staff will surely make you feel at home. While you are here, you can enjoy a true combination of good service, good value and good meal all at the same place.