Natural Cake Decorating Supplies

Natural Cake Decorating Supplies

Who would not like these super nice looking cakes with bright colours and beautiful decorations that don’t even often look edible? But I guess we all now and then wonder – is it also safe to eat all these sprinkles, pearls and figurines. We hear a lot of stories about food colouring being harmful and not healthy at all.

Luckily, us cakers are all familiar with the concerns of our customers and we are doing our best to provide quality cakes that are pretty to look at and also healthy to eat. There are more and more natural cake decorating supplies available. Here is a list of some of the cake decorating supplies that are totally safe to use and eat.

Gluten free, halal and vegan fondant by Vizyon

Vizyon rolled fondant is a premium, professional grade product used by professional cake decorators world wide. This amazing fondant is made with no animal products. It is also gluten free, halal and vegan, which means it’s ticking pretty much all the boxes.

It’s also pretty amazing to work with. Vizyon coloured fondant won’t colour your hands, so no staining and no need to wash you hands between colours. Vizyon rolled fondant is also humidity resistant which makes it perfect to work with in our hot and humid Queensland summers.

Assorted Sprinkle Mixes by Quality Sprinkles

Edible sprinkle mixes by Quality Sprinkles are available in different colours and shapes, perfect to decorate your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pretty much any baked goodies. All of the Quality Sprinkle sprinkle mixes are vegan as well as kosher and halal certified. They are also soy, gluten, GMO, dairy and nut free, which is pretty rare in a sprinkle world.

Edible Art Metallic Colour Palette by Sweet Sticks

Edible Art metallic water activated food paint palette by Sweet Sticks is the first of its kind. These edible palettes are designed to add the finer details such as lettering, small patterns and fine line designs, to your already amazing bakings. And if that isn’t enough reason to buy it, we will give you some more reasons. These edible paints are vegan and also alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and peanut free, which makes them suitable for halal requirements.