The Motorola Razr – A Look At The Suberp Laptop Accessory

The new Motorola Razr is one of the most awesome mobile devices ever released. Not only does this version boast stunning appears and a few extremely good software program however it also has more than a few add-ons available that enhance the appeal of the tool. We take a look at what extra alternatives you could add on your Razr handset to increase the functionality of the smartphone.

Last year Motorola released the first-rate Atrix tool which could be related to a dedicated computer dock to turn the handset right into a transportable pc. The public cherished this concept so it’s far no marvel to see the equal option available with the new Razr. The progressed Laptop 500 Pro gives a huge 14 inch show and a full Qwerty keypad which effectively converts the Razr smartphone into a completely functioning netbook. Beneath the keypad the dock capabilities a large touchpad which allows you to navigate the mouse pointer around the display in a comparable way to a conventional transportable computer. The Laptop 500 Pro gives a wealth of connection options that allow the unit to be paired with an expansion of pc based add-ons. An ethernet port permits an internet connection to be plugged without delay into the unit instead of relying upon a 3G or WiFi provider. Two USB ports also are featured which may be used to attach gadgets which includes printers and outside difficult drives and a VGA terminal method that the gadget may be effortlessly related to a Portable Mobile Projectordevice. Despite the Razr handset supplying a micro SD card slot the docking option additionally sports activities a complete size SD card slot which is best for shifting cloth from a devoted nonetheless digicam or camcorder.

The hardware to be had for the Motorola Razr is magnificent however it’s also sponsored up by means of some great software program. The model includes a Weptop utility that optimises the consumer interface to be used on a big screen. This is a good deal less difficult to navigate than the same old Android UI that you use on the cellphone itself. The interface makes use of a number of windows to show numerous programmes in a similar way to what we assume from a traditional pc. Along the lowest of the screen the user is offered with some of shortcuts to packages which are established. Web browsing on the Razr thru the Laptop 500 Pro is likewise mind-blowing because the phone sports activities a computing device version of the Mozilla Firefox browser to present a completely pleasing and acquainted on-line revel in.

The Motorola Razr is one of the exceptional cellular gadgets presently available way to some fantastic specification and lovely looks. What this smartphone also offers which many of its essential rivals do not is access to add-ons inclusive of the Laptop 500 Pro which transform the phone from a cellular device into a totally functioning transportable pc. This in addition provides to the attraction of this first-rate version.